Serving the Lighting Industry Since 1988.

With humble beginning's in 1988 TWC (Nortech's Parent Company) was formed and carried a line of fork lift parts: lights, back up alarms and distributors. We also introduced our own brand of Tool bits for brake lathes that we sold to Automotive distributors and National Accounts. We sold this product alongside the product lines represented by our sales agency.

In late 2008, we decided to use our many years of representing various lighting manufacturers in the warning Light industry to develope our own line of Warning Light Products. Our first product was a Class 2 Strobe Beacon that soon converted to our Innovator LED Beacon. This beacon was one of the first LED Beacons in the industry to have full functions, be fully potted for vibration and water resistance and be sold at a very competitive price. It is still a great product for us today.

In 2009 we were one of the first companies to develope and introduce a full line of LED Work Lights. We currently offer one of the most extensive and competitive lines of LED Work Lights in the industry today. We also broadened our line of SAE back-up alarms and Nortech Safe T Cams for rear view and vehicle Monitoring. The back up alarm quality passes all SAE specs for J1997. The Camera systems are made to OEM specs. We now offer heated camera systems and are developing audio as well.

In 2010 we introduced our EvolutionE reflectors that will not fall off a vehicle. We also introduced a full line of DOT approved reflective tape and low volume custom tape with your name on it.

2014 we added LED rechargeable shop lights, Flood Lights and tri-pods to our product line.

In 2015 we introduced a LED retro fit Head Light Kits. This has developed into a top quality line of replacement headlamps that replace your traditional OEM headlamps and are fully plug and play. We also introduced a full line of DOT approved Vehicle Lighting in LED and incandescent.

In 2016 our Industrial and Commercial LED Lighting Division started. 

In 2017 we introduced our LED Workshop Light, our Gooseneck lights and other Industrial Lighting products.

In 2018 we introduced an ECO Shop Light, Wrap Arounds and Vapour tight fixtures into the Commercial Lighting Industry.

In 2019 we present our separate Industrial and Commercial Lighting Catalogue.

Nortech………..working hard to earn your business with quality products at competitive prices.

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