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N15630 - VIKING LED Rigid Bars

  New Viking LED Rigid bar lights can be used for automotive + work truck applications to light 
compartments or where ever you need light. Great for industrial use underneath mezzanines or to replace florescent tube lights. Great for home use as accent and cabinet or valance lighting. The Viking rigid bar is a waterproof 12 Volt light source that has many applications.
  Uses: Tool box or truck box compartments, under cabinets, RV, home & Industrial. Mezzanines rack lighting, strip lighting can replace fluorescent tubes. Good for camping and Display cases.
  Specs: IP68, 12v, True White SMD LED chips, also available in RGB multi-coloured.
  Many different mounting options. View Angle: 120; Aluminum housing, Aluminum PCB/MC PCB
  Connect with a 12V battery for outdoor/indoor use or use one of our 110V AC to 12V power supply.
  Life Span: 50,000 hrs.; 3 Year Warranty